Women’s beach volleyball, the topic of many games, movies, and pubescent dreams. Whats no to love about the beach, the water, the blue sky, the…. volleyballs. Its like a dream come true, and like all good dreams, its got girls. So Seven Sea’s is bringing Harukana Receive’s manga to US shores, jus time for the anime to air on Crunchy Roll.

When high schooler Haruka moves to Okinawa, she falls in love with the beach that opens up right outside her front door. She resolves to form a beach volleyball team with her cousin Kanata–but Kanata’s a little on the short side, and gave up on the sport a long time ago. Can Haruka convince Kanata to take it up again in time for the junior tournament?

With story & art by: Nyoijizai the first volume is available now for a low price of 12.99, at your local bookstore, or digitally from Seven Seas.