The onslaught of good RPG games continues to hit the Nintendo Switch. This time it’s Midboss’s excellent Cyber-Punk PRG 2064: Read Only Memories. One of 2015’s most popular RPG’s, small studio Midboss was one of the first to use Unity to create a game that was as much art as it was game. With a fantastic cast of Cyber-Punk characters and a retro art style. Players loved its dialog choices, old school game play, and of course the Cyber-Punk setting. Already released for the PSP, the game was a prime candidate for Switch. Now after selling over 200,000 copies across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, 2064: Read only Memories is coming to the Switch, on August 14.


Follow Turing. Who claims to be the world’s first fully sapient ROM (Relationship and Organizational Manager) on a mysterious investigation after the disappearance of their creator. Turing is as witty as they are cute. Depending on player choices can become a close companion while helping solve point-and-click puzzles and problem-solving minigames.

Read Only Memories

The city of Neo San-Francisco transposes modern day social issues into a hopeful cyberpunk future by asking questions about identity, individuality and what it is to be human. With a diverse cast of characters, each fully voiced by talents including industry legends Melissa Hutchison (The Walking Dead), Adam Harrington (Middle Earth: Shadow of War, The Wolf Among Us) and more, 2064: Read Only Memories Integral puts the focus on meaningful interactions and choices while exploring topics such as advanced AI, cybernetic enhancements and genetic experimentation.

Take to the streets with the “Punks” side story.  Remastered, fully voiced, and seamlessly integrated exclusively into 2064: Read
Only Memories Integral on Nintendo Switch. Other content in this definitive edition of Read Only Memories includes:
  1. video clips from the cutting room floor
  2. a jukebox with never-before-heard tracks, as well as all of the voice acting
  3. other polish and content added to the game since its initial launch.
2064 will be available in the Nintendo Switch eShop for $20.64USD. It will support English with full audio, and Japanese text. To learn more, visit the 2064: Read Only Memories Integral official website and follow it on Facebook and Twitter, or follow MidBoss on Twitter and Tumblr.