Hello fans, friends, and family;

When I started Kitsuga.com over two years ago, it was with a team of 5 core people: two writers, one webdev, one artist, and myself. We all had one thing in common, our passion for gaming. From that passion came kitsuga.com. From day 1 we all knew this was a sort of crazy experiment, and most of us felt like we could probably keep doing it, even if other stuff came up. Sadly that didn’t pan out, and as life tends to do things changed. Folks got busy with other projects, with school, with work, and with other things that took them away from the site. Our content suffered. I did my best to keep going even after all of our writers had left.

Mostly for the past 6 months thats has meant, I push out a couple news stories, and a review when I can, and the content has suffered for it. This in turn has caused a lot of traffic to leave the site, which in turn motivates me less and less, and the cycle continues. I did my best to keep up prior to E3, and Anime Expo, but even a summer season filled with conventions failed to re-ignite the spark I once had for this industry.

So, as you probably guessed, that means Im stopping regular content updates to Kitsuga.com. I just can’t keep up anymore, I have some health issues, and that’s making it challenging to keep writing every day. With out daily news stories, its difficult to get companies to send us games to review, and due to low traffic, and a lack of coverage of companies games, we just don’t get products to review anymore. I personally poured my life in to this site for over two years, and even though its coming to an end, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Over those years we created something from nothing, learned to be better writers, and made some amazing life long friends.

I hope to still be able to drop some content on the site from time to time, so keep an eye on us on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll keep posting funny anime meme’s and videos there of course. I also hope to be able to do more long form writing now, and if that receives a positive response, I may set up a personal blog for folks to check out.

On a more personal note, thank you all for believing in us, and specifically me. It has been a really great ride and I have so enjoyed it. If you want to follow my personal antics you can find my Twitter @joystickfox for gaming and @just_fionna for my personal twitter.

See you on the Next Level.