In 1983 the video game industry passed away. Due to tons of crap games, corporate greed, and a huge lack of quality control. Ever wondered why Nintendo felt like it needed a Quality assurance seal or why they were so picky about what they released on the NES? Now, almost 34 years later I fear we’re on the verge of another collapse. It’s one of the most widely loved hobbies in existence and it’s up to us to save it (sound familiar?). George Santayana said it all with, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


“My Humble Beginnings”


It was 29 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I had snuck down into the basement at my Aunts house. As a kid I always wondered why the adults would randomly retreat to the place I affectionately dubbed the Bat-Cave . To be honest I referred to any subterranean hidey holes as Bat-Caves. On that day though, I had somehow just wandered my way down there, not sure how, I was two years old and don’t recall any kind of supervision.


Do you even MX?


I sat down on that motorcycle and raced parallel with the sunset for the first time. Dirty black Joystick in hand I raced and raced for what seemed like ever (it was probably like 20 minutes) losing and still feeling like a winner. Growing excited, palms becoming sweatier each time I’d start a new race or pass another racer. I had so much fun even though I never won a race (pretty sure I never even came close) or really did anything other than go in one direction.


Once I had my fill of the race track I moved on and took to the jungle with haste. Continuing my journey to the right side of the screen I now faced pendulum-like vines and huge puddles that housed the heads of crocodiles that look strangely similar to cheap green plastic clothes pins. None the less, I pressed on through the dense rain forest finding random shit and wishing I could kick scorpions and snakes in the fucking face.


Mad vine skillz yo!


Those were my first experiences in video games. Motocross and Pitfall were some of the coolest things I’d ever seen. They were so pure, just about the fun. It wasn’t about DLC, map packs, or season passes, it was about trying to get through what ever gauntlet through Hell the developer decided to put us through with limited lives and continues. Back when difficult meant hard, not these enemies do tons of damage and take none. It meant near misses so close the giant bullets would part your hair and timing the next jump was key.




It used to be about making video games that had substance, depth and character that kept us enthralled with the worlds and their inhabitants for what felt like years until the gods deemed it time for a sequel. developers and publishers busted their asses tho produce fresh ideas and a game only got a sequel if it was meant to happen. Now though it seems like things have shifted into a much darker state of being.


Oh collage of my childhood, I miss you so much.



I miss the days when the companies took more chances and seemed to live outside of the box. Back when every game felt like a journey to another universe. Back when you would play the same games over and over to achieve that next milestone. Inching just slightly further each time you tried and died. The whole process was a learning experience, patterns, reading comprehension, puzzles, and general problem solving were all on the menu and they were all fucking delicious.


This is exactly how we played games! (insert sarcasm here)


We used to sit huddled around small square tvs with short corded controllers for countless hours. Just sitting together playing a game to unlock the next character, that next kick-ass costume, or a gun that can see and shoot through walls. We were given reasons to play the same game multiple times and to keep it for years. They used to want us, now it seems like they have no problem just saying, “HEY, GIVE ME MORE MONEY!”


Thar be some dark waters yer treadin’”


Flash forward a few several console and handheld generations and holy shit; Now things are completely different in comparison to back then. What’s that? You don’t want to have to actually play the game to unlock things by actually earning them while experiencing the meticulously crafted story and throat stopping emotional cinematics that took years to create for you? Here you can buy those! Want more maps? Buy those too! Awe, are you reminiscing about those skins and characters you used to get for beating the crap out of fighting games? Oh no, they can’t be letting people just have things for free (apparently your loyalty to their brand and games or your time don’t carry a monetary value).



Making a habit out of ritualistic DLC that segregate your player base into those who can afford to give you MORE money for the game they already bought and those who can’t afford it is a fucking terrible idea! Using it as an excuse to cut corners, remove features, or otherwise water down a game (this ones for you Destiny, shitty move Activision) just to parse its content out to the people who love and support you is just evil. Ego and greed have done some dark things to the industry in the past few years and it really, truly pains my heart.


But why, why did this happen?!?!?!”


Now don’t get me wrong here, I DO get it. Development costs are far higher these days, take much larger teams, a lot longer to make, and everybody needs to eat. See, I do get it! I’m also aware of all the people it takes outside of the actual game studio. A grand game takes a grand budget of time, money, and effort. Game studios just aren’t making even close to the money that they would’ve back before the leech known as GAMESTOP hit the scene.


” … and this part states that you are blissfully unaware you’re helping us destroy video games!”


Companies like GAMESUCK and the loads of blanketed brands they own are a tumor on the industry and I theorize that they are reason #1 for the massive shift in the industry. It all seems so innocent, trade games, get credit, buy game, YAY! Now you’re happy right? STOP, now let’s think about this deeper.


You trade in your game/s (most of the time for peanuts, let’s be real, you only ever get decent “credit” for a game they know is going to fly right back off of the shelf). They then proceed to resell those games for usually just under whatever the new cost of said game is. Now you’re out of games because you traded all of them in (except all the dlc you bought, it’s yours forever) so you don’t want to get the NEW game because then you’d only have one. Instead you get used because that means you might be able to get another cheap game from one of the bins full of obsolete annual titles or have some credit for next time(so they know you’ll be back).


The problem in action! How many of them do you think are buying new?


“Let’s Talk Numbers”


The issue here is that the people that spent years crafting (insert game series here) aren’t receiving anything for their work! Game releases at 59.99, but holy shit it’s 54.99 used! When GREEDSTOP or any of its other names sells a game NEW, the Game developers and other people involved. They make next to nothing on new product. No, instead when They sell a USED game they make all of the money. Someone sold it to GAMECOCK, now it’s their property that your buying. they paid $3.00 for it, now it’s $24.99 and a new copy is $29.99.



All they do in most cases is drop the typical amount of profit that they would make from a used game (~$5.00) and sell it for what THEY pay for a new copy. So let’s say they sell 1 copy of a new game for $60.00 that then gets traded in for $20.00. Now that same copy get traded in and resold another 10 times for $54.99. Do you see the problem here? The Developer and publisher and all corresponding people needing paid make $54.99 while they make $549.90 off of that same ONE game!!! And  they’re trained and told to ALWAYS push used over new because that’s where they make all of their money, even when a game is a new release and those numbers matter the most to the developer!  On top of all of that, their used Sells DO NOT COUNT towards a games global units sold! Seriously, it’s literally cancer to the gaming industry!


 It might seem like you’re saving money, and I guess for that moment you are. A wise person somewhere at sometime or another said something about all things glittering and them not being gold, this is one of those times. By supporting this practice you’re pretty much saying, “Hey game maker peoples, find more ways to make the money you need from us the consumer.” Even though GAMESHIT is the one screwing us, the Developers, and the publishers at the same time. Do you think LAMESTOP cares about any of this? PFFFT! Chances of that are about as good as a pedophile getting a high-five in prison.


But I Digress.”


The point of this piece was to reflect on my love for gaming and to look at how the industry has shifted over the years and I seem to have gotten stuck on GAMEFLOP. I feel like there’s something to take away from that though. I didn’t even realize how much they pissed me off until I started writing it and then it was too late, it just wouldn’t stop (Like their employees trying to get you to trade in all your shit). SEE! It’s becoming involuntary at this point!


Never before seen picture of a support group for children hurt by gamestop.


I don’t feel like it’s too late though. We can still save our princess! We just have to start shopping in another castle. That’s not to say I’m totally against used games, it’s quite the opposite in fact. I grew up in flea markets and Pawn shops trading and upgrading with the solid 2-for-1 trade policy (which I always felt was fair to both parties) and/or trading with friends. I also love DLC that add fresh content and new things to out favorite worlds to spend our time in, but I feel like there’s another way.


My Solution Would Be To…”


As a consumer you should just buy your games NEW, digital, or straight from the publisher even if you wait for them to go on sale. That way they get the money they deserve and you know you’re getting a quality product and not someone elses ex-coaster. You should always make sure you share the games you love and get involved in communities that are centered around them. Spread the word and help your friends see that saving 5 bucks isn’t really worth it. If we cut out the middle man we’d all be better off.


As far as Developers go why not make it so that players who spend their time and money on your product doesn’t feel like you’re trying to wring every cent out of them. Stop segregating your player bases and allow us to fully enjoy games like we used to. Micro transactions have turned out to be a huge success, but make sure to pay attention here, I said “MICRO-transactions”, you know small things. Like special skins and such, don’t try to fucking sell us everything. Be generous, we will be generous in return. It’s way easier to give when you get. does that make sense? If you just give people the option to buy things, they will. I personally have bought way more than my fair share of purely optional content and the best thing about items like that is it doesn’t put up a wall to separate your player base from romping through your video game together.  


Is this what you want to play? Check out those graphics!

“It’s got polygons, it’s what gamers crave.” – Random GameStop Employee


You know, like cosmetic items and shit. Make it to where Spending more real money is an option, not a requirement. Allow us to earn currency in games to purchase premium items. Don’t alienate people because they don’t have the money, it seems like you’re forgetting the huge role EVERY player plays, They keep your game alive and keep servers full of people to play with. If you give people the OPTION to buy, a good majority will still do so in lieu of spending the time it would take to earn it. I just really don’t want history to repeat itself and I feel like together we can Stop it. We could at least try right?







  • Dan Reply
    Dec 28, 2016 @ 4:35 am

    This is the reason i started buying games off of Amazon, because even if you do buy it new it will only be $48 for console games or $32 for for handheld games if you have prime. Once in awhile i will go to Gamestop if there’s a game i can’t find anywhere else (Tales of Berseria CE) but i’ve just stopped going to them now. Buying a game for $60, then trading it back in for $30 is a big slap in the face.

    • Roblogfett Reply
      Dec 28, 2016 @ 14:28 pm

      That and resale money goes to Gamestop and not to the devs at all so less money for making more games.

      • Realmadpuppy Reply
        Dec 30, 2016 @ 8:46 am

        Don’t be fooled by Publisher/developer Propaganda, Game sales annually make more money than movie and music revenue combined.
        If there is no money to make games with that large an annual revenue stream, Then it is greed on the part of the publishers, not used and discounted game sales. Every other industry has to live with the same rules of capitalism, If the gaming industry needs special treatment to survive then they are not a viable industry and need not exist.

  • Dec 29, 2016 @ 4:46 am


  • BaconInUrButt Reply
    Dec 29, 2016 @ 12:02 pm

    “Now that same copy get traded in and resold another 10 times for $54.99. Do you see the problem here? The Developer and publisher and all corrosponding people needing paid make $54.99 while gamestop makes $549.90 off of that some ONE game!!!” LOL wut? Source please? Imaginary numbers are imaginary. There’s some tin foil had shit going on in this post. publishers and retailers get paid when consumers/retailers buy the game new, hard stop. If the game does get traded or resold after that, that’s called capitalism. Gamestop is filling a niche market for people who can’t afford new games at full price. Much like your aforementioned flea markets, thrift shops and pawn shops. Used games don’t appear magically, someone somewhere paid for it new at some point, be it the dopes who pre-ordered No Man’s Sky, or Target who ordered 10,000 units of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5. Yes, this is why publishers bleed out DLC after release to keep you from reselling your game. No, that’s not the fault of Gamestop, it’s greed on the part of publishers who see money being made that they want a piece of. but aren’t really entitled to.

    Things get resold after their initial purchase, that’s a consumers prerogative. Houses, cars, and engagement rings even. Are you going to get a fair price for your old Ford when you trade it in? Probably not. Is the used car dealer going to sell it at a mark up? Damn right, he is. Does that make him a bad person? No, he provides a service, consolidating affordable products into one well lit safe location where I can shop, and we pay for that service even if we don’t realize it. Does Ford sell DLC? They would if they could.

    • Realmadpuppy Reply
      Dec 29, 2016 @ 15:04 pm

      I agree Wholeheartedly, you think like a consumer, not a bleeding heart that thinks they have to singlehandedly “save” the Gaming industry. Even with used sales, Profits from Game sales eclipse the movie and music industry profits combined more than triple every year, and the profit gap is only growing. and frankly, when I see Cliffy B. whine about lost sales just before he gets into one of his two matching his had her Lambo’s on his way to his million dollar home to be with his Trophy model wife, it’s hard for me to feel any sympathy for buying a game used. Who is it that is really being greedy here?

    • Ryhanon Reply
      Dec 30, 2016 @ 8:05 am

      No sorry but your comparisons are flawed. A used car, house, etc has wear and tear on it and is not as good as a brand new version of the same physical good whereas a used game is effectively identical to new – no wear and tear at all. If the games graphics and sound got progressively crappier over time, each time it is sold off as used, then you’d have a point, but that’s not reality.

  • vonholtz Reply
    Dec 29, 2016 @ 13:08 pm

    This is why I play mostly indie games now a days. I can play the game and see that most of the money go to the make of the game.

    • Realmadpuppy Reply
      Dec 29, 2016 @ 15:08 pm

      Watch it, man. By this writers mentality your even worse than someone who buys games used, Your not a customer at all to most of the big budget games, Where’s your support for the big guys? 😛

  • Dec 29, 2016 @ 15:45 pm

    Really? Are you sure? I love indie games and actually play alot of them! my issue isnt with used games or trades, it’s more with the business practices of a company that refuses to let competition exist on such a huge scale. The main point of this entire article was about how GAMESTOPS parasitic existance is casing the publishers and developers to push more dlc on us to offset the amount of money their losing on a global scale because of the way GAMESTOP handles business. If GS paid even a small portion of used game sales (which are all prophet) that would fix a lot of the issues.

  • thisiskindofgarbage Reply
    Dec 29, 2016 @ 16:40 pm

    You keep all your old sports games? Im sorry but i cant hold onto madden 12 13 14 15 16 when these should just be dlcs… so i trade in madden 2 to 3 months before the next one. People sell used stuff everywhere. Craigslist, ebay, etc. Calling them “gamecock” is really childish and while some of your arguments had some weight each time you have to make a childish criticism like that it becomes very hard to agree with anything. It seems like a childs angry rant. It doesnt further tour argument or sound funny its immature.

  • Nahhhh Reply
    Dec 29, 2016 @ 17:13 pm

    You lost all your credibility by trying to call GameStop as “GameSuck” or “GameCock.” Don’t be childish. I’m not a huge fan of GameStop, but truth is they’re a business in the business to make money. They sell a good/service, people buy.

  • Big Daddy Reply
    Dec 29, 2016 @ 18:15 pm

    You have to be out of your mind if you expect me to read this absurdly long nonsense of an article. Job well done on your ad revenue from this click bait bullsh1t

  • Dec 29, 2016 @ 19:29 pm

    I think people should read the entire article if you’re going to try bashing it. Aside from some hilarious name references, it has a lot of truth to it, and goes deeper than “childish” name calling. Get some common sense, a sense of humor and a little perspective.

    • Roblogfett Reply
      Dec 29, 2016 @ 22:08 pm

      sadly you are asking far to much read an article before I get mad at it shame lol but yes you would think reading it all the way would be a smart first move

  • Joegyva Reply
    Dec 29, 2016 @ 19:48 pm

    You all overthink shit. The game industry is blowing up bigger than ever. If I need money I’m selling my games……….you know why? It will collect dust and after I eventually realize I still have the game in my possession , I’ll get zero dollars for it. Straight to trash. If GameStop wants to give me money I’ll take it.

    If you are frugal / thrifty and want to pay 5-10 less for a used title, good for you. A disk is a disk. If it works , why would you care if it’s used. Save the money.

  • Vernon Reply
    Dec 29, 2016 @ 22:13 pm

    I agree with one or two of the things he says but in no way support his cause. Whenever people use the DLC argument it rings hollow because almost all DLC is not required to play a game to completion, they are enhancements you do not have to buy. I love how he used Destiny as an example since that is one of the prime examples of DLC nobody had to buy to have an enhanced gaming experience. None of the DLC enhanced the game in any meaningful way except new areas to explore or new items you could buy/earn. When people bring up the used game market and how Gamestop only pays pennies on the dollar for your games I guess people have the forgetful mind that they could sell them themselves on eBay (or at a yard sale or other local game shops) themselves or simply keep the game. Gamestop is a business and they have accounts to settle and employees to pay. Nobody is entitled to buy a game at a price they think THEY should pay. Gaming is a fun hobby/distraction, you should always buy new to support the industry, if you cannot afford to buy new then maybe you can wait a little longer until you can or get a new hobby/distraction. He talks about games having no depth and character, there are more games being released today than ever before. Look at what is released that fit the criteria of what he would call high quality and look at what everybody buys. Whose fault is it that arguably one of the best games of 2016 (Uncharted 4) only sold a few million copies (on an exclusive platform with more than 50 million units sold) while Madden and the other usual annualized games sold tens of millions of copies? Where were the people that write crap like this when Rain was released? Assault Android Cactus? Ninja Pizza Girl? Submerged? Mirror’s Edge 1or2? Life is Strange? Broken Age? Guacamelee? The list goes on for incredible high quality games that are incredibly affordable. Gamespot is a necessary evil since most consumers are lazy and won’t do things like actually look for better deals or high quality games that don’t get those high quality ad budgets. Gamespot actually is highly beneficial to the games market since it creates a level playing field in the specialty market that is games and legitimizes gaming as a viable consumer business that can sustainably make money. Because of Gamespot (even if not exclusively because of) gaming has been able to remain the cheapest entertainment you can pay for while ALL other forms of entertainment media has seen steady increases in price except gaming.

  • Andrew Reply
    Dec 29, 2016 @ 23:22 pm

    You honestly want me to feel bad for a developer for GameStop selling used games? Feel bad for the people who constantly make us loyal gamers wait weeks and weeks for a patch to fix the broken piece of shit they released without properly testing? I could care less if these greedy developers feel the pinch or go bust releasing total crap over and over again screwing us over. A game these days is about $70. Get it right the first time dev’s as I have no sympathy for you because you have zero for us.

  • Brianna Reply
    Dec 30, 2016 @ 4:01 am

    I actually read the whole thing… for most people bashing it and using his used games as a reference to be mad… read the WHOLE article. You seem to be missing the entire point of what he was trying to say… basically judging a book by its cover. It might be long, but don’t bother bashing something you didn’t fully read. If anything that’s what’s childish… sorry.

  • Dixhandley Reply
    Dec 30, 2016 @ 7:06 am

    I shop Gamestop and my only problem has been when they have attempted to sell me an unsealed games as new. I love the old way disc cases were sealed. Overall they have a good selection of games and the staff is generaly pleasant and helpfull.

    Now about Gamestop killing games. How about some facts, some charts, and some reports from game developers. It is not new for a buisness to make money and Gamestop us just a buisness try to make money. Game developers need to make money too. How much does the used sales hurt that profit ? Well i am back to needing hard facts and charts to answer that.

    Right now i see digital sales as the leading change in the game industry. The more digital sales then the less used copies. The less used copies and new prices can stay high longer after release. However i have no charts and facts of digital and disc sales of any game of any year.

    As consumers we have the power of what and how we purchase games. That is a lot of power but the change to all digital and or streaming may be in the near future whether we want that or not.


  • howie Reply
    Dec 30, 2016 @ 7:21 am

    it’s called capitalism…deal with it people.

    • Realmadpuppy Reply
      Dec 30, 2016 @ 8:37 am

      A succinct (correct) answer to this whole article, Capitalism,
      Howie, all you needed to do was drop the mike and walk off the stage.


  • Lone_Foxx Reply
    Dec 30, 2016 @ 17:24 pm

    I whole heartedly agree with this article. GameStop is by definition a corporation who is manipulating a product label to enhance their revenue. A “Used” Game isn’t the same as a “Used” car. Realistically, unless the game is scratched to high hell it should retain the same value that you bought it at. GameStop is playing its customers like the stock market: “Buy low, Sell high”. And if you are really THAT conforming and oppressed by this company that you need to see a flow chart to reassure you that the levity of this article is succinct, then YOU my friend are the #1 contributing problem to this monopolizing company.

    -Side note, I know you people hear WAY more childish and immature shit from day to day. So criticizing someone because of calling GameStop – GameCock seems a bit shallow, don’t you think?

  • Shaun Reply
    Dec 31, 2016 @ 10:13 am

    I like the concept of microtransactions that essentially cut out time. If it would realistically take 6 months to build up enough in game credit to get something, but I can pay 10/15/20 dollars to get it now, then that seems like a good trade. Those who want it now can pay to have it now. Those (like me) who find a lot more fun/value in earning it, can spend the time to earn it instead. The feature is attainable whether or not you pay, but you have the option of it.

    And BTW, the Souls series is one of my favorite series because it isn’t easy. It’s not about running through a level laughing at enemies and then maybe having to figure out a trick to beat the boss in one or two hits. It’s about you aren’t invincible, and those regular enemies can kill you if you ignore them. You have to use cunning, patience, and timing to get through the next area, and then the bosses are actually worth the effort. The first time I beat the final boss in Demon’s Souls, I felt such a sense of accomplishment. Similar to when I beat Bowser the first time in Super Mario Bros 3, it was on that level.

    Some game developers are taking chances, some aren’t. If you say what you value (and they speak the language of money, so BUY what you value) then that will tell the industry where they will be able to make money in the future, and change what they value. Buy new, and buy what you value. That means you may have to actually do some of your own research on games you are interested in, but it would be worthwhile.


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