It’s time Fett’s ranting again and he worried

That’s right I’m worried about the new Mass Effect.

How could something this pretty worry me

Who worries about video games?

Well lets be honest lots of people, but yes I’m worried. Why am I worried? All the things we have seen of it look amazing. You are correct, the videos all looks really good fluid motion dynamic grim on armor. Even get a cool new customizable vehicle. Why a military vehicle is customizable I have no idea, but lets chalk that one up to game features. We have seen all of our favorite races returning. A couple of questions, are there enough of them to be viable, or are they just there for the cool factor? Stuff like that matters to me, I hope the mission takes that into account. Did any of the other species get a chance at survival or where they all left behind? Honestly those are really more questions than huge concerns for the game.

Hopefully its still fun to drive


Some things that really concern me are the way they seem to be showing the enemy. I got a very Collector vibe from them. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Mass Effect 2 was the best of the series, but I don’t want to play it again with different skins. Now we don’t have much to really look at in the world so this is all supposition and I may be wrong, but at the moment I’m still worried it will end up looking like two but feeling like three. What I mean by that is that two made me feel like my decisions had weight. Add to that all the new and interesting locals we got to see more of the day to day Mas Effect universe. Three had that same opportunity, we went to the Elcor home world and launched a probe to complete the mission. I mean how awesome to go down to the world and have to make decisions on how to evacuate people. But nope drop probe all good now. While all of the games have flaws the series did well over all. Andromeda has a lot riding on it. If players feel like it drops the ball like many felt and still feel about three. Well to be honest that might be the death of the series.

Why do we not have our own mechs for this kind of thing?

Final thoughts.

Only time will tell of course. Maybe I am just over worried or critical of it. But with little more than a month until launch, and with so little we have seen I am just worried. Again hope I am wrong looking forward to playing and finding out for myself. Hopefully Andromeda gives me that feeling I had seeing the Citadel the first time or when I watched the Normandy explode in ME2.

OK guys, am I nuts? Is Andromeda going to be the best yet in the series? Let me know what you think down below as always and thanks for all your support.

Something pretty for the long post

  • Jendrad Reply
    Feb 9, 2017 @ 0:07 am

    This article is unreadable. I’m sorry, but your opinions and points get lost in a series of horribly phrased sentences, some of which don’t even include a main verb. Did you even try to proofread this before posting it online?
    It’s a shame too, because I think opinion pieces on hot-topic games are fun, even if I don’t agree with the opinions of the writer.
    I’m ashamed to be part of the generation that is obliterating the concept of writing an article.
    whether it’s a professional piece or just for fun, you could at least re-read it before you expose the public to you writing.
    If you had, you might have scrapped the entire piece altogether…

    Nevertheless, I hope you, and many like you, will continue to write opinion pieces on games like Mass Effect: Andromeda. Reading about it and forming an opinion is a great way to spend your time waiting for the release.
    Just remember that your writing is another person’s reading.

    • Roblogfett Reply
      Feb 9, 2017 @ 0:36 am

      Thanks for reading it. The only way we get better is by doing, writing in this case. I will keep at it and keep trying to improve my writing.

    • FuriousS Reply
      Feb 9, 2017 @ 13:49 pm

      I felt the same. I found myself drifting in thought as I read this. I just scrolled down to the comments after the second section to see what everyone was saying, because I just wasn’t getting it. With that being said, proofread and maybe have someone read it over once. Best to you.

  • Johnni Reply
    Feb 9, 2017 @ 6:53 am

    Its gonna be the best ME game ever. New generation in high res hdr on ps4pro. wow.
    plus Just replayed ME3 again, and it is getting dull like dragonage multiplayer…

    I have a theory that MEA was delayed because the developers was too busy having fun on GTA Online

  • Hitomi Reply
    Feb 9, 2017 @ 12:34 pm

    You’re missing a few other points I probably would have covered. And I know I’ve mentioned to you in your stream when we were chatting. 😉

    1) Hush Hush Nature.
    It’s just unusual these days. Back in the 90s, or even the early Aughts it wouldn’t be too unusual to have a hyped up, major released game with as little information as we’ve actually seen here. With just a trailer or two perhaps an a puff piece article here or there in a magazine that basically contains no information but a lot of catchphrases and buzzwords.

    But that’s hardly industry standard these days. Generally before release of a major title we’re not seeing only trailers and a few puff pieces but things like 10 to 30 minute gameplay trailers, underlying discussions about the mechanics and features of the game. Interviews that are slightly less Marketing Buzzwords talking about what went into the game and what directions they want to take things, etc.

    On one hand, I can forgive some of this. Mass Effect as a series has never been as much about the gameplay. I mean yes, there is Gameplay and its fun. But Mass Effect has been more JRPG than anything else out in the west in that it’s been about the story. So I can understand wanting to keep the story under wraps. Which of course leads to the ME3 “EA doesn’t know how to tell a story!!!” fears that lingered on after that.

    On the other hand, it’s so unusual to see a game not getting that sort of press. And unlike say the one guy who solo created Stardew Valley EA does have the hard cash to market something like Mass Effect that should be worth the effort due to its big name and reputation.

    And that’s the thing. Mass Effect: Andromeda SHOULD be worthy of the marketing… and it’s not getting it. Making me wonder what EA has seen in the game that they’re trying the “Lets save some money by not marketing it” angle and how poorly they think the game will go.

    It’s possible that they just saw the fan backlash against ME3 and some figure in the company thinks that means all the marketing in the world other than blatantly giving away the entire plotline (Which since that’s the big sell of Mass Effect, probably not the best option) nothing will satisfy the public so don’t bother wasting anything other than minimal budget on it.

    2) Inferred Story
    As I said, not much really said so far. But looking at it I think they missed probably the best possibility for it. The Mirror storyline. In the Mass Effect Trilogy storyline wise your character was always on the back foot of things. Reacting rather than acting for the most part. You’re tracking down Seran, trying to stop collectors, responding to the Reaper Invasion, etc. The storyline builds up the “This is an impossible task, it’s hopeless, we’re outnumbered, outgunned, dealing with an enemy that is 2 steps ahead of us…” sort of thing. Which is fine. But… new galaxy, we’re obviously covering the old races as player characters. It’d be interesting to kind of see the reverse of things. 200 years later. The Milky Way Galaxy Races are allied, rebuilt, geared up, and going out to hunt down the enemy. We’re prepared, we’re the aggressors, they are reacting to us.

    I’m sure they won’t do it. It’s far too out of left field really and I imagine most game devlopers would struggle to balance story and mechanics around the idea of “Powerful PCs, enemies desperately trying to adapt”. It’s not as impossible a problem as they would make it out to be. Ask any tabletop Dungeons and Dragons DM who’s had Kobolds taking on, and making a bitch of a time, for higher level adventurers. We’ve been doing it for 20, 30, or more years. But it’s something video games really haven’t touched without doing a Deus Ex Machina to undo it pretty quickly. Examples include Ultima VII: The Serpent Isle where right at the start of the game your decked out heroes in world ending level gear suddenly all get teleported away from your character, your gear teleported off and replaced by things like a rock. Or Metroid: Other M’s whole “We order you to suck Samus Aran”.

    A lack of risks and a “Go back to basics!!!” thing is something Video Game crowds do tend to scream out loudly for (Just look at Sonic the Hedgehog fans over the years) but for a story driven game you have to take risks. You have to build on the foundation that is left. And if they learned anything from Mass Effect 3 that should have been the lesson. The crux of the complaint wasn’t The Ending Was Lame, Period. The crux was always “The ending was lame because everything I did up to that point had zero effect on the ending”. A true letdown since Mass Effect had everything building up towards the confrontation with Seran. Having to decipher the beacon to even know where to go. Trying to find the Prothean Conduit. Finding out about Reaper Indoctrination and shutting down Seran’s Army. Being able to get into Seran’s head after Virmire and make him realize he’s Indoctrinated and blow his own brains out. Everything naturally build up. Mass Effect 2, the same story. Gathering your crew, getting your upgrades, assuring their loyalty so that they will be at peak efficiency for the mission, and a fight against a Proto-Reaper which admittedly was really badass the first time I faced it. Which wasn’t out of left field really as the game sprinkles a lot of hints about the Collectors being Protheans, subjugated in order to serve the Reapers and help them with grand projects. And the obvious (Particularly with hindsight) answer to why humans are kidnapped.

    3) Fan Appeal

    What little I have seen about it has focused really heavily on fan appeal and good will. We’re getting a Mako Mark II. We have clips trying to reference moments/ideas from earlier games. It’s the equivalent of “Hey, look at me, you love Mass Effect and I just referenced Mass Effect!” going on along with some pop culture references. And while yes, I do. And yes, some of those moments get to me like the ones in the trailer “We have an army!” “We have a Krogan!” for the Avengers Reference it does bother me a bit. It suggests when things like that are what you’re leading with that you don’t quite have the awesome moments to lead with without cashing out like that.

    The moments I remember most from Mass Effect, and cherish the most, are moments that are unique to me. Talking Seran into shooting himself in the brain pan is a fairly unique moment. It is wholly identified with Mass Effect for me. Taking on the Thresher Maw on foot in ME2 fits as well.

    I understand that they can’t reveal say, a climatic moment in the storyline because obviously. Buuut even shitty movie trailers will still at least show unique lines from the movie itself being said as a high point beat. Give me a moment where we see some awesome Renegade/Paragon moment. Like the Shadow Broker Assassin moment perhaps: “… I sent hundreds of humans to their death to save the Destiny Ascension. I unleashed the Rachni on the Galaxy, do you really think I care about a single hostage?” “… shit!” “Now Liara!”

    Things that bother me. I still hope the best for Andromeda, but so far I’ve yet to see anything that has made me consider setting down some pre-order money for it.

  • steve Reply
    Feb 9, 2017 @ 15:24 pm

    from:Electronic Arts
    to: ME andromeda team…

    subject: *copy of the last meeting with shareholders, at Bioware/EA*

    ” dear shareholders, we can happily announce today that our micro transactions /in-game purchases system is up and running flawlessly. Actually, our team is creating dozens thousands of different separate items, from airship parts, weapons, armors, ammo, boosters, skins, danses, emotes, funny voices, and many many other items gamers will almost be forced to buy, if they want to play the full experience. With our current +25 million faithful fans, that should be easy. Also, gamers will be forced to play multi-player online, if they want to stand a chance at higher difficulty levels. Again, thousands items and perks to buy. Of course, this will be the first game of the new trilogy, but rest assured, we will cut at least 40% from the full game content, and we will offer it as 3 different dlcs, that will cost 30$ each, or can be obtained with a $70 season pass. Also, we will be selling 3 versions, standard, at 70$ , premium at 120$ and universe, at 250$. We’re particularly proud of our micro transactions engine, gamers will be able to purchase items in just 2 seconds. Hope you shareholders are happy.
    Also, the game will be around 30-40 hour long, versus the 150 hour long ME 1, Me2 or ME3. of course, we cut a big slice of the already done gameplay and took it out of the main campaign, those 25-30% content will be sold as DLC’s, instead of being in the full version. obviously, we grabbed another 25-30% of the full andromeda gameplay, that will be featured in the future Andromeda 2. Yes, that makes mass effect andromeda 60% shorter than the previous versions. but our fans love mass effect, and will take anything we throw down their throat, and will still say Thank you.

    Rockstar made 500 millions in only 2 months, on gta online, millions of gamers paid hundreds dollars just to buy that virtual appartment or submarine. Blizzard is making billions, with their 25 characters on Overwatch, and the millons items they can earn via loot boxes, loot boxes that 99% of the time will give them items they don’t want or need, forcing them to play with other characters.
    no way we will leave them alone, making billions, while our gamers are spending hundreds hours playing offline. No. we want them to go online and spend hundreds dollars as well. our “readiness” v2 is ready, the only way to get a platinum trophy, or finish the game, will be playing online multiplayer, and buying expensive mandatory items, mandatory, because without those, it will be impossible to win.
    We changed a lot of things, most things fans loved got removed or replaced. hey, it’s our game, not theirs! we had to make Andromeda look, feel and play like a mix of overwatch, destiny and call of duty. and yes, we spent too much time on the multiplayer section, because that’s where the billions dollars are. We could have made ME andromeda 3 times bigger than it is today, but no. gamers will play most of ME Andromeda story, when they play Andromeda 2, in 2 years. Like Destiny, there will be hundreds of things without no answer. want to know why , who or what ? just wait for andromeda 2 🙂

    ps. the game will be unplayable day one, without the 6.7Gb patch. No problem, PC gamers are used to it. We currently have around 346 bugs to fix, which 36 of them can reboot the system. hopefully, nobody will come across them, in the first 3 days after release. We need to replace our QA team. the guys there are too good on finding new bugs. We need someone who will just play the game and finish it, without reporting each time the system reboots.”

    • Jendrad Reply
      Feb 10, 2017 @ 3:13 am

      @Steve, that’s the future of the gaming industry. Besides, the funds they get allows them to make better games. Game companies can’t produce anything worth our time with the standard $60,- price on it alone, that’s just the way it works. You can sit around and disagree, but nothing’s going to change it. Either get on board, or stop gaming.

  • Mithan Reply
    Feb 9, 2017 @ 17:01 pm

    Did you ever play Mass Effect 1? I do not think you did, else you would recall that the game had virtually NO information before it came out, just a cool video and a giant “hand” that came out of the screen, picking people’s interests.

    Your worries are unfounded.

    • Hitomi Reply
      Feb 9, 2017 @ 19:12 pm

      Well I mean as I said, in the Aughts (And earlier) it was normal. Back in 2006 when ME1 came out, to have very little lead up beyond a release date and maybe a series of press releases and articles the month that it comes out. In the current decade though? Hell “Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage” and such is far more normal and very few games release anywhere near as hush hush as this was. It just stands out as unusual due to that. I mean in a time where you usually see the huge build up a year or more ahead of a game coming out lately the fact that really the first sniff of actual information other than “We might be working on something” coming out about 2 months before release was… very odd. It’s not unheard of. Particularly in gaming history. But it is unusual in the current marketing climate.

      I mean look at say, Dawn of War 3. Which started showing Pre-Alpha Gameplay over 2 years from their projected release date. The showings at E3 and other trade shows of games not slated for release for over a year. The bevy of Pre-Alpha Build gameplay trailers, teases, articles, and interviews that come out over half a year before a game is going to be released.

      We just didn’t get that. It’s a very curious thing. I give a slight benefit to the doubt because Mass Effect has always been about story more than anything and they might not want to spoil it. My instincts and knowledge though says since ME3 was such a disappointment in the fanbase that they’re kind of trying to cut costs (And marketing has traditionally in gaming been a place to cut costs) so that even if it tanks they won’t lose much/still turn a small profit. Which suggests that they’re not confident in their product.


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