About Us

Welcome to the next big thing in gaming: Kitsuga!


We are here to provide you with the best in gaming news and reviews, as well as some of the best produced entertainment content from around the web. We always want to bring you something exciting, new, and different!

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Team Members

Hya Luna

Lead Designer

Hi! I’m Luna, a student from Brazil. I’m responsible for all the art and graphics for Kitsuga, front-end development, as well as writing articles from time to time. I also get to be #1 on this page ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


Fionna Fox

Editor In Chief

Hi! My Name is Fionna Fox, and I am the one who makes the editorial decisions around here. I also help out by writing news, and the occasional review. I have a long background in journalism (the kind printed on paper) and it helps me to work in this crazy world of video games. I love FPS games, and anything thats based off of Dungeons and Dragons. I also have a pension for Foxes. I can be reached at Fionna.fox@kitsuga.com

Jonathan Lehr

Managing Editor

Hello my name is Jonathan and I am the managing editor of Kitsuga.com. I handle Public Relations for Kitsuga.com Its my job to connect our website with writers/streamers/youtubers and keep the content flowing! I got into social media roughly two years ago as a means to promote my Twitch, but I quickly learned I am much better at promoting others. I play a variety of games but my main focus is world of tanks. I do have a soft spot for rogue likes (The love is obviously not mutual as they tend to show me no mercy) I can be reached at PR@kitsuga.com

Robert Logsdon


Roblogfett streamer writer and mecha pilot of Kitsuga.com we are the greatest everyone just hasn’t realised it yet.

James Watts

Back end engineer

Hi, I’m James and I make sure we don’t let the magic blue smoke out of our servers. When I’m not wrangling the blue smoke I am either playing video games or practicing my irl pirate skills.

Jenn Logsdon

*fill this in please*

Hi, I don’t have a bio yet. I will fill this in when I submit my “about us” paragraph 🙂